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**Night and weekend appointments are available!**

This is not a complete list of services I provide and prices may vary.
Please contact me for a personalized quote today!
          Monthly Bookkeeping includes:
·         Data entry of debits and credits in business bank account
·         Reconciliation of bank accounts (up to 2 accounts)
·         Monthly Profit & Loss Statement and Balance Sheet
·         Preparation of Sales Tax Reports (if applicable)
          Additional Bookkeeping Services:
·         Monthly Sales Tax Reports
·         Accounts Payable
·         Accounts Receivable/Billing
**Please contact for pricing** (Rates are monthly and vary based on frequency and # of employees) 
          Payroll includes:
·         Processing of time and paychecks for selected payroll frequency
·         Preparation of Quarterly Payroll Reports as well as Annual Payroll Reports
·         Preparation of W-2’s at year end
          Direct Deposit is available
          Client is responsible for providing check stock, blank W-2’s, envelopes and postage
Personal Tax Returns (includes Federal Return, 1 State Return and e-file fees)
          1040 EZ, 1040 A, 1040
          Schedule C (Self Employment) 
          Schedule D (Capital Gains) 
          Schedule E (Rental Properties)
          Any additional forms required for your return
          Personal Amended Return
          Additional States
Business Tax Returns (includes Federal Return, 1 State Return and e-file fees)
          LLC, S-Corp & C-Corp
          Business Amended Return
If you utilize more than 1 of the above services, the following discounts will apply:
·         Combine 2 – Save $10 per month
·         Combine 3 – Save $20 per month
·         Combine 4 – Save $30 per month
Prepaid discounts will be as follows:
·         3 months – 10% discount
·         6 months – 15% discount
·         12 months – 20% discount
As always, other services are always available – if you need a special project completed, or more specialized accounting services, please don’t hesitate to ask.
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